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Valuation Appeal

 Are your rates too high? Ask us for a free and honest appraisal. If you have a case we will offer you a competitive fee proposal and we have a success rate higher than the industry average.

Property split, merge or delist

A split or merge may well reduce your current rates bills. Ask us for a free review to see if it will benefit you and if it is possible.

Can your property be removed from rates altogether? We will advise you of your options.

 battles with the council

 Have you been treated badly by the rates team at the council, have you had a late or unexpected bill, have you been refused a relief or discount you applied for?

We will fight your case for you.


Rate Relief
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Let us demystify the world of business rates for you with our simple guides to all things business rates.



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About Us


We are a small but dedicated team of professional rating surveyors. We pride ourselves on being transparent and honest and customer service is second only to saving you money in our list of priorities.

We have an excellent reputation and a high success rate, just take a look at our customer reviews on Trustpilot or read a small selection of them below.


Experience You Can Trust

Our chief surveyor, Paul Phillips is qualified to IRRV(Dip) level and he has vast experience in all areas of business rates including in complicated cases against local authorities.


Transparent and honest advice and processes


We follow the RICS Code of Practice for Rating Surveyors


We only get paid on results for all valuation appeal cases.

Our Firm Will Fight for You

The valuation office and all local authorities can often seem remote and faceless. The whole business rates regime is complicated and difficult to understand. We will be your trusted advocate and fight for you at every stage.

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Client Reviews


Successful appeal by Appeal My Rates UK Ltd led to zero rates liability.

This company AppealMyRates (AMR) did exactly what they said they would. I found them honest and straight forward. Regrettably VOA took forever. AMR did have to Challenge an initial (no) decision which looked like kicking the can down the road by VOA. Eventually by contacting the right and appropriate VOA person who in turn visited our property and confirmed what they needed for a delist. Meaning zero rates, and backdated. AMR attended that visit at short notice. This could not have been achieved without the help and support of AMR. No money upfront was also key. I would certainly recommend AMR to others.


appealmyrates were fantastic and won my case

This company did exactly what they said they would, reduced my rates and communicated throughout. They were very honest – initially they said they would not be able to help and then I gave them further information they were fully on board, they did not ever mislead me. I approached them and checked their reviews first, I have found them to be a great company and cant thank them enough. I had a company cold call me in 2018 and I had to pay them over £1000 to get them to take my case which they said they would win – they didn’t and to be honest they had no incentive as they already had been paid, apart from a moral one – which clearly they lacked. Appealmyrates don’t ask for money up front, they are honest about what they can do, they deliver what they say and they communicate throughout. BRILLIANT. I am really grateful .


Can’t recommend enough

My experience of this company was nothing but fantastic. They have managed to save us a considerable amount on our business rates, so we are super chuffed with the outcome. A real pleasure dealing with you!

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