Enforcement and Recovery

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What powers do councils have to collect rates?

The council that issues you with rates bills also has a duty to make sure the bills are paid and they have certain legal obligations that dictate how they are meant to do this. They often fail to follow these duties to the letter and we are there to make sure that they put things right when they get them wrong.

They will first issue a demand which will have an installment plan at the bottom. If you fail to pay they will issue a reminder and then a final notice before summons. If you still fail to pay they will issue a summons to a liability order hearing before a magistrate or district judge. If you fail to appear or defend or you lose your case you will be issued with a liability order.

At this stage it is almost impossible for us to help you if you contact us once you have a liability order. Only in cases where we can prove the order was grossly incorrect or the council have failed to issue demands correctly can we intervene and try to get the order overturned.

If you contact us before court and you have a good case we can intervene and prevent further action. We can then discuss your case with the council and try to get the liability reduced or removed altogether.

Do not ignore business rates demands or court summons – get advice fast and prevent enforcement action which can involve removal of your goods or even prison.

What are your processes in these cases?

Every case is different but we will collect all the evidence and establish if you have a case to defend the summons or rates demands. If you do, we will advise you of the case and propose a fee which is usually linked to the business rates liability we reduce for you.

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