Late Billing

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What is meant by late billing?

The council has certain legal obligations – or duties, when it comes to the collection of business rates. They must identify the correct liable ratepayer, the correct rateable property and the correct liable period of occupation. They also have a duty to inform the VOA if they identify that any changes or additions should be made to the rating list such as new built properties or extensions or even older properties that are missing from the rating list.

They often fail to follow all of these duties to the letter and this can sometimes lead to them sending rates demands for backdated liabilities – late billing. If they had to do this because they have failed in their duties there may be a case to challenge some or all of the liability.

As long as you contact us before a court hearing we can intervene if there is a case for challenging the liability on the grounds of late billing that is the fault of the council. We can even represent you at a hearing if it needs to go that far.

What are your processes in these cases?

Every case is different but we will collect all the evidence and establish if you have a case to defend the summons or rates demands. If you do, we will advise you of the case and propose a fee which is usually linked to the business rates liability we reduce for you.

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