Non Domestic Rates Bill 2023

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What is the Non Domestic Rates Act 2023?

New Legal Duties for Non Domestic Ratepayers.


Summary of requirements under the Act for all ratepayers (irrespective of rateable value) to submit information to HMRC (Valuation Office Agency – VOA)



The ratepayer will be expected to update their unique identification details used to access the Government Gateway Portal within 60 days or face a fine.



Certain ‘notifiable information’ will need to be provided to the VOA within 60 days. In effect, any ‘material change’ to a non-domestic property should be notified.



In addition, ratepayers will need to complete an online annual return within 60 days after 30th April confirming ‘no change’ or specifying any changes not notified.

Penalties for Non Compliance

There are fines for non-notification, and providing false or incorrect information is treated as a criminal offence. Fines range from £100 for late filings up to £3000 or criminal conviction for false or inaccurate returns.


How Can Appeal My Rates UK assist clients with compliance?

We offer a service for ratepayers to ensure they comply with this new law and the first return is free. Annual returns are subsequently charged between £200 to £450 plus VAT per property depending on size and nature of property. The service includes an assessment of the current rateable value to see if there is scope to appeal for a reduction. Our service contract will run for 5 years. The fee covers a basic return and additional fees could apply if more complex enquiries need to be made or a survey conducted.


What information will need to be returned each year?


The VOA have not yet confirmed exactly what they want but we expect the following to be a minimum for each return:


Rent Passing      Details of service fees etc              Confirmation of floor areas – may need a floor plan

Details of any improvements or refurbishment              Details of heating and air conditioning

Details of any additions to floor areas, plant and machinery or solar panels

Rent review information             Turnover data if valued on FMT or Income basis


Our compliance service will collect this information and provide a return to the VOA each year within the timeframe specified to avoid penalties or further action by the VOA.


 Register your interest in a quote for this service now and get your first basic return for free.




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