Our Fees Explained As with all professional services we have to charge fees for our work. Surveyors are required to visit premises and produce a report and drawings in order for us to make an appeal for our clients. We have to produce written evidence along with valid reasoning based on Valuation Law and as you can imagine all of this work is produced by qualified professionals. As a client, if you are unhappy with your rates bill you really only have two choices; do nothing and carry on paying through gritted teeth or appeal the rateable value with at least a chance to reduce this onerous tax. When we are approached by a prospective client, we do not normally discuss fees at the outset. This is because we do not yet know if there is even a case for appeal and even if there is, the extent of any potential reduction is not yet known. That is why we initially conduct a free audit and only then, if there is a case, can we propose a fee structure.
Our standard fee structure is based on shared risk; we ask clients to show good faith with an initial fee based normally on one month’s rates payable. This partially covers our costs in preparing the case and surveying the property. We only ask for this fee once the survey has been completed. We then negotiate a success fee with clients linked to the value of any reduction we achieve and the value of any rebate we secure from the local authority. The success fee is usually equivalent to around 25% of the savings we have made for clients. Remember that this is just an overview, it would take many pages to outline all the different options.
No Win No Fee
Whilst this is always a popular option with clients and is offered by us as well as other companies, a note of caution is needed. If you choose no win no fee you will find that the success fees are heavily loaded in the company`s favour and can be quite onerous. That may not be an issue at the outset for clients but when the company demands half, or more, of the savings it can be a rather unwelcome surprise. If you decide to engage us we will give you a working example of the no win no fee outcome based on an actual case result so that you can make an informed decision as to whether no win no fee is the right choice for you. In all cases, remember that the initial assessment is FREE AND NO OBLIGATION so you have nothing to lose by talking to us but possibly a lot to gain!

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