Property Delist

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What is a delist?

This is where a rateable property is removed from the rating list altogether and thus no rates will be charged. The most common reason for a delist is when a building is under major redevelopment or has been demolished.

How is a delist done?

A proposal must be made to the VOA to have a property removed from the list and evidence for the reasons must also be submitted. It is not enough to say that a building needs a major redecoration or maybe new electrics or plumbing, the works have to be substantial and must usually involve some kind of structural works in order to be considered as redevelopment. In the case of demolition, we would supply photographic and contract evidence of such work as well as the permits required from the council. It is also not enough to just have planning permission in place, the works must have started before a proposal can be considered so if you have an empty property you want to develop call us for advice sooner rather than later.

Can a delist be backdated?

Yes, we do this all the time and subject to the revaluation rules you can backdate as long as you can prove when work started.

What are your processes and fees?

If we believe the property can be delisted after collecting all the necessary evidence, then we will propose a fee structure which may involve an instruction fee and a percentage of the savings in rates payable.

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