Charity Relief

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What is charity relief?

It is a discount on rates payable that applies to charities who occupy rateable properties. The relief is split into two parts: 80% relief that is mandatory and a further 20% relief can be applied for and that is discretionary so it can be refused. There are some exceptions to certain charitable endeavors that are not registered who can also qualify but CIC`s for example do not currently qualify for this relief.

Who qualifies for this relief?

Only registered charities can apply and the property they are using must be wholly or mainly used for the charitable purposes stated on the charities register.

How do I apply?

If you qualify you can simply contact the council and supply your charity number and they will apply the 80% relief. They may want to visit the property first to ensure it is being used for charitable purposes. You can apply for the additional 20% relief as well but you need to make a good case. If you need any help just call us for advice.

What are your fees?

We don’t charge for advice but if you want us to apply for the 20% on your behalf we will discuss a small instruction fee to cover our costs.

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