Retail Rates Relief

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What is retail relief?

It is now called expanded retail relief following Covid. It only used to apply to typical high street shops but during and after Covid it was expanded to include certain hospitality, leisure and other businesses providing services or products to the public on site such as car repairs. The business must be wholly or mainly involved in sales to the visiting public to qualify.

How do I apply for it?

If you were getting the relief last year the council should automatically apply it to this year. If they don’t you should contact them urgently or call us for advice. The relief is currently at 75% of rates payable so it is very generous. We do not yet know what it will set at for the 2024/25 financial year.

Can it be backdated?

Yes, but as it is a discretionary relief it can only be backdated to the last financial year and only then if it is applied for by 30 September in the following year. So if you didn’t get the relief last year you only have until 30 September to apply.

What if I have more than one qualifying property?

There is a cap on the amount of relief any one business can claim each year, connected businesses are grouped together as one. The current cap is £110,000 so you would have to have properties with a combined rateable value of at least £400,000 to exceed the cap.

What are your fees to help me?

If you have been refused the relief please call us to see if we can help. If we think the council are wrong we can submit a complaint to them on your behalf and ask them to review their decision. Our fees will be related to any savings in rates payable.

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